Home Cooking, Healthy Cooking

Cooking meals at home can result in healthier meals and better family bonding. More importantly, cooking at home, puts you in control of what you put into your food as opposed to eating already prepared and possibly preserved food in restaurants. People who prepare meals at home tend to consume significantly more fruits and vegetables, and less sugar and fat. Given our busy, technology-driven lives, the family meal is a rare opportunity to bond with and share quality time with family. In addition, getting the children involved in cooking and cleaning up not only helps them learn about healthy eating but also teaches them important life skills.

Barriers to cooking at home include lack of time, lack of planning and often lack of knowledge.
In addition, some people just don’t enjoy cooking or feel it is a chore to cook for one or two
people in the family. It is simply more convenient to order in or pick up your favorite meal.
A few simple suggestion to overcome these barriers:

  1. Keep it simple and plan your meals over the weekend.
  2. Make a shopping list and finish your grocery shopping on Saturday.
  3. Spend 2-3 hours on Sunday mindfully preparing your vegetable dishes, some grains
    including quinoa and brown rice, and marinating meats and fish.
  4. Usually meats and fish should be cooked on the day of your meal.
  5. Slice/chop/cut your vegetables for salads and label and store in Ziploc bags.
  6. Plan your breakfast: overnight oats, eggs, yogurt and fruit.

You are now ready for the week with your own home-cooked meals!

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