Julie Denzler

Dr. K is a very understanding and fair medical doctor. She is also super-smart! This program is easy to follow and is set up very well. I feel positive about my weight loss so far and positive that I will be able to reach my goal weight. Thank you, Dr. K!

Melissa K

Joining the program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The education along with Dr. K’s support made all the difference. Dr. K and her staff are all so helpful and welcoming!

Brittany Riecker

Amazing experience. The doctor really listens to your needs and wants and is supportive all the way to the end. Makes you feel confident and happy walking out the door. First time ever I lost the amount of weight that I did and it stayed off permanently.


I think it’s a wonderful program and have applied the techniques and plans. I need to be more consistent with my planning of meals and it helped me make and think about making better choices about food. And the staff is great and easy to speak w/ and helpful. Thank you 🙂

Tracy. A.

Such a wonderful & positive group of care givers- would highly recommend them all.

Madonna Weltman

Dr.K & staff were all very accommodating & caring throughout the entire program. We continue losing weight slowly and exercise regularly and maintaining a journal is a must.


Thank you for your guidance and patience all along my journey. Your never ending support and encouragement was greatly appreciated.


Well organized & well thought out, Dr. K & her team helped me establish healthy realistic goals & achieve them. They are very professional. If you are looking for a lifestyle change, you should seriously consider her program.

S. Padalkar

The weight loss program was an education in eating right and exercising right. I learnt that just walking was not as good as mixing up weights & walk, and that I was actually eating more carbs than I realized.


Weight loss is a long process. This program gave me a strong supportive beginning with excellent education, support, and tools. It was just the beginning. I continue to lose and alter my life in positive ways. Thank you for the excellent start.