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We believe in a wellness-based approach to your health—from primary and preventive care to  nutrition, exercise, meditation, cooking, weight management and serving food in our mindful kitchen. We welcome you to our one-stop wellness center for all your healthcare needs.

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K Primary Care and Medical Nutrition Center introduces a signature weight Management & Wellness program:

3-4-5 mindful Nutrition

“As an Internist with over 10 years of experience in weight management, I believe we are what we eat and counting calories is essential for weight loss. Through experience and an evidence based approach, I have created the 3-4-5 mindful nutrition plan which is a good way to start your weight loss journey. The plan follows well-established nutrition guidelines which include time restricted as well as mindful eating. But the plan is not a one size fits all approach and should be personalized to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.” – Dr. K

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Dr. Kavita Kewalramani

Dr K combines her experience in medicine, psychiatry, nutrition, and public health to provide comprehensive patient care. As an Internist, she believes that chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can be managed with diet and exercise alone, or in combination with medications. She advises that eating right and engaging in physical activity is important to staying healthy and should be a part of every person’s lifestyle.

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Empower you to Embrace a healthier lifestyle

Our focus is on your wellness. Our unique practice integrates primary care, weight management and wellness programs. We accept most major health insurance plans for primary care and we see patients 18 years and older. You may see us for an acute or chronic illness, or a wellness physical. We also do routine women’s preventive care.

Our weight management and wellness program is a medically supervised program which follows dietary guidelines and includes mindful and time-restricted eating. You can trust our team led by our doctor to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals.

We will soon be preparing and serving food for our program participants in our mindful kitchen. This will include breakfast and you may also order and pick-up energy bites made fresh with all natural ingredients.

Come experience wellness at our center!

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Patient Reviews

Julie Denzler

Dr. K is a very understanding and fair medical doctor. She is also super-smart! This program is easy to follow and is set up very well. I feel positive about my weight loss so far and positive that I will be able to reach my goal weight. Thank you, Dr. K!

Melissa K

Joining the program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The education along with Dr. K’s support made all the difference. Dr. K and her staff are all so helpful and welcoming!

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Stay informed about the latest research on healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Being Mindful During the Holidays

Holidays are time for fun, family and food. Time to be thankful for many things. Time to spend quality time with parents, children, grand-children, friends and co-workers. But holidays can also be stressful. Some people may be lonely because they don’t have family close-by, same may be anxious about meeting with family and others may be stressed about hosting. One way to enjoy the holidays is by being mindful. Mindfulness ...read more