The idea for the bites came to Dr K from her patients. While discussing dietary habits, she realized her patients were concerned about managing their weight, increasing protein in their diet and reducing harmful preservatives. They were also looking for something quick to eat within their busy schedules.

One of her patients mentioned he had made healthy bites by mixing nuts, oats and peanut butter and they tasted delicious! Dr K gave it a try. She was careful to control the calories of the bites and make the nut butters from scratch, so they did not contain any added sugar or palm oil.

It took eleven months to create seven delicious bites. She used nut butters, healthy grains, seeds, honey, maple syrup and whey protein powder. She gave them meaningful names and K Care Bites was born!

Dr K believes caring for yourself starts with eating good food. She hopes you find happiness in the bites she has prepared for you. You may also follow the diet she has created for weight management. The bites are freshly made, healthy and without harmful preservatives. Don’t believe us? Try them!