Cooking Class: K Heavenly Bowls

The truth about eating right lies in:
…..the calories
…..the portions
…..the combinations


There’s a little piece of heaven in every bowl…….

We realize that learning how to cook is only part of the puzzle to eating right. The other part is understanding how much to eat and knowing what foods to combine so you get a feeling of satiety. That’s why we created K heavenly bowls.

At our cooking class we’ll teach you how to create a bowl focusing on calories, portions and combinations from a variety of cuisines. Each bowl will have about 3 items and will be a complete meal with total calories between 300 and 600.

Our class will be in the demonstration format. One bowl will be cooked per class. Nutrition information and recipes will be provided.

CLASS: 2nd Saturday of every month from 10-11.00 am
COST: $25/class- non-refundable | Registration with payment is required: Call 908-206-4676

* Seating is limited to 10 participants/class

Healthy, hearty bowls
Each bowl tastes heavenly!
unique combination which gives you a sense of satiety
Variety in every bowl
Eat your bowl mindfully is our only advice
Native cuisines from all over the world
Low calorie, yet nutritionally complete
Yes, the recipes are yours to keep!